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May 14, 2007

A Creepy Repelling Man

Filed under: Poetry — C'hele @ 14:38

How can you stand it?

Each day?

Living with your self in that way?

You think your quite smart

I don’t think you even have a heart

Oh yes, you have definitely have made a mark

I don’t give a damn

I don’t give a shit

I refuse to give a rip

Cause I no longer care

In life I pay my own fare share

Are you trying to make me feel guilty?

Don’t you even think to dare

I have my own two feet

And walk to the rhythm of my own beat

I know who I am and who I want to meet

Yes, the challenge will be quite the feat

I want honesty.

I want respect.

I want loyalty.

I don’t want to collect.

Do you see that door?

What? You think you’re entitled to more?

Oh my, let me help you

No, no, truly I don’t mind

Lately it seems it’s all I do

The pleasure is really all mine

Walk out and never come back

Oh yes, I mean it, that’s a fact

Your ass is toast

And I it seems, have come out of this with the most

Because I still have my integrity

I have faith.

I have hope.

I have patience.

I can wait.

So you go on your merry little way

And have a nice day

Find some other chick

Because it certainly will not be I

It is certain that she will find out just as I did

That you are no man-

But just another dick.

(by C’hele)


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