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May 14, 2007

Autism: I’m Not A Bad Parent! I’m A Parent Of A Child With Asperger’s Syndrome ~ Part III

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Part III

Other characteristics of AS:

1. Some AS kids may display an amazing imagination. My daughter displays her imagination via her art and solitary play with her toy cats and horses. With some AS kids it is important to make sure that they do not get lost within their own world so it is vital that they are re-directed into other interests or hobbies. AS children may become “obsessive” about a particular hobby or object. In a sense, they become “walking textbooks on the subject.” This is not a bad thing if you are a parent, as it may be just the thing that will assist your child in order for him or her to live a somewhat independent life as an adult (meaning directing him or her into a potential career). But it doesn’t matter…

People will still consider these kids to be strange and weird as they often are unable to discuss anything else other than their obsessive interest.

2. AS people view their world around them quite literally. Things to them are very “black or white.” This is challenging as they do not understand figure of speech and innuendos and they must be taught that when they hear these things, what they really mean. My daughter would take movies and cartoons very seriously as “real life.” I still have to constantly explain to her what is real and what is not. In my daughter’s world, she takes things so literally that she is unable to tell a lie and can be quite honest or blunt. People then interpret her as being a rude or inconsiderate. When it is brought to her attention of her error, she immediately feels remorse. Because these children view things in a “black and white” fashion, they often become “mediators or the policemen” in the classroom or school grounds. They will view things as “right is right and wrong is wrong.”Other’s, especially teachers uneducated about Aspberger‘s Syndrome, may consider these children to be extremely annoying and discipline them incorrectly as “tattletaler’s.The end result is an extremely stressed or anxiety ridden child. The AS child may be strong enough to hold it together until the end of school. Upon entering the home, this child will have a complete melt-down full of frustration, anger, resentment and hurt over the teacher(s) calling her an unwarranted name (tattletale).

When you call the teacher the next day and explain to her the melt-down that occurred the day before, the teacher recounts that your child was calm and accepting over the whole ordeal and they never observed her being upset. When you delicately explain the nature of the problem, the teacher feels that you must be making this all up and your child is manipulating you.To be continued….C’hele


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