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May 14, 2007

Autism: I’m Not A Bad Parent! I’m A Parent Of A Child With Asperger’s Syndrome ~ Part VII

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Part VII

7. Asperger People have an amazing ability to imitate or act. This could be other people, T.V., and or movies. I have caught my daughter dressing up and re-enacting scenes from movies or cartoons with incredible accuracy. I have watched my daughter imitate others non-verbally, by moving her mouth only and making the same physical motions immediately after witnessing a person just doing it.

I intend on directing Michaela towards drama classes when she enters high school. I feel it will be a great anxiety reducer, it will introduce her to new social and communication experiences, and hopefully it will increase her self-esteem. The only drawback is the possibility of Caela loosing her sense of self when acting.

I remember having a heck of a time reminding certain professionals and convincing other’s that Michaela was indeed an “Aspie” child (Dr. T. Attwood’s term), with other underlying learning disorders. Just because she could use a few “big” words, it doesn’t mean she comprehends it. Most of the big words she uses, she has borrowed and memorized from movies. Any attempt to engage her in detailed conversation, and she is lost. Michaela “chunks” her words and uses small sentences in basic conversation. Get her on a topic she adores? You then can’t shut her up!

To be continued….




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