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May 14, 2007


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My heart again has been forsaken

Genteel men have long since been gone

Vanquished and supplanted

By a new cosmopolitan, masculine pomposity.

Could I, would I…dare to ever again dream?

Will my lips once more feel the imprint of love

Knowing that predators of the heart

Marr’d by unexpressed and foul passions

Always linger and wait in the shadows

For fresh feminine prey?


Those dreams of kisses true- are now elusive

For my soul weeps tonight

Shedding tears black and thick

That ooze and seep like pitch

I silently mourn for myself tonight-

Into a deep, dark, and lonely crater

How could this be?

Just yesterday-

The world was gay and full of colour

And hope.

How quickly thoughts of a bright future converts

Into yet another miserable, past memory.

Tonight I retreat-

Into safety I shall go

To re-enter into an imaginary womb

Of soothing temperate fluid

Infused with the fragrance of lavender.

I shall be reminded about simple pleasures again-

As I admire shadows of dancing flames upon the wall

And permit “The Seasons” to spellbind me into relief.

My heart and mind will eventually find rejuvenation


And with anticipation-


(p.s. “The Seasons” is a lovely song sung by Loreena McKennitt)

(by C’hele)


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