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May 14, 2007

The Dragon’s Own Backyard

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It has been a long time since I have been in the midst of the dragon’s sweet breath. The pleasantness of it’s aroma still lingers strongly within my nostrils despite the many years that have passed. Many times, I remember pausing upon the threshold of the dragons lair. The soft, seducing sounds of the bamboo chimes that hung outside in the distance, caused my skin to suddenly tingle upon my making the transition of leaving one indifferent world to enter the serenity of another.

It was a sanctuary. Not just my sanctuary, but a sanctuary for hundreds of others. It was a place of safety and refuge. A place that provided protection and healing caused by the cruelties of life. It was a “home” that provided a neutral ground for questioning and learning. If the dragon’s lair represented anything, I would say that it had mirrored the same intentions as the ancient library of Alexandria.

Contained within the lair, was colour everywhere…and life. It was an Eden complete with a soft blue sky full of fluffy white clouds. There were colours of soft green’s and purple’s… and a mural of an apple tree representing the freedom of choice and knowledge. The sanctity that lay within the dragon’s belly, gracefully vibrated with the resonance of sacred music that delicately coiled and snaked it’s mystery around each visitor.

Like all dragons, it has left it’s world for places more fitting towards its growth. However, the good news is, is that the dragon has shed a shell or a reminder of its previous presence. The guardians of the great dragon still watch over the armour until the day it would be fully resurrected again once more. I have been told that dragons no longer exist anymore and that only myths remain. It’s not true.

Almost four years to the day, there was a dream. There was a large, white room with three women. Like an inverted triangle, two people faced the one. The person to the left, shape-shifted into a snake and the other person to the right, transformed into an alligator. The third person at the point, feeling intimidated by their presence, was alarmed when they simultaneously moved towards her. Suddenly, she felt her body rise high up into the air to effortlessly shape-shift into a red dragon.

The rainbow, will rise yet again once more.



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