"Autism & Memoirs of an Old Maid"…C'hele's Story

May 14, 2007

The Face of True Love

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Sitting with a friend in a restaurant, I was calmly interrupted by a wandering three year old who sauntered aimlessly alone, over to my table. Upon looking at this child, I realized that he had Down Syndrome. He looked back at me with a gaze of such innocence and trust, that I immediately bent down to ask him to “show me where mommy or daddy was.” Smiling at me with such purity I can’t ever to begin to understand or describe, he silently and eagerly reached out his little arms to me for a hug. Hesitating, I could not help myself but to hug him back gently. Excusing myself, I stood up and the little boy trustingly put his hand in mine as we turned and walked towards his parents. As I left him, I could not help but feel like the Divine had just inflamed me into understanding of what the beauty of true love really looks like. All of a sudden, I didn’t feel like an old maid anymore.



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