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May 14, 2007

The Secret Rendezvous

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The place is a secret place. It’s nature is an open expanse, over many acres. The view is picturesque by a panoramic view of a variety of greens and tall grasses. And it’s soft – oh, so soft, when one lies down upon it. On a breezy day one hears the wind make a hypnotic swaying sound when it moves through the grasses; creating a sensual dance as it sashays back and forth, to and fro.

The earth is sometimes warm, sometimes cold against exposed skin. On cold days, a mat is definitely needed. The smell of earth and of the surrounding foliage fills the senses and is almost overpowering. Sometimes one can smell the delicate fragrance of a distant honeysuckle on a hot summer night. It’s so quiet. No cars, no people (save for the occasional airplane that flies en route) and gratefully, I savour the moment.

Who can ignore the numerous birds that all vie for their opportunity to sing? And upon impending dusk one hears the crickets chant and the frogs croaking furiously, as if the upcoming night-fall was their last. Laying down in the middle of this refuge, one is immediately enveloped within it’s lushness and is now one with it’s essence.

Looking up into the heavens one views a panoramic scene that both hypnotizes and tranquilizes the mind. A bright blue sky with the occasional puffy white cloud that glides by or if one stays long enough, they’ll observe the milky way or the full moon on a warm, indigo night. It is a place of retreat, peace, and complete sensuality. A sanctuary for the senses.

And then I turn my head and I see your face – and my body trembles with exquisite pleasure as if the Universe just passionately kissed me.

(by C’hele)


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