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May 14, 2007

To All Women ~

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Of countless

Horrors and

Forgotten stories,

The lost

Collective memories

Of woman kind,


Used as slaves

Treated as objects

Called worthless…

Lower than dogs.

There’s no respite

For us!

Mind, body, and soul

Have long been disregarded-

Inner strength

Our truth,

Has always been

Our shield, our guardian-

Our one true protector.

Who is the strongest?

Is it all about

The testosterone?


Who is able to withstand

The various

Changes of the body-



Who can multi-task

Whilst a babe suckles

At our breast?

Who is best able

To balance





And after all this,

Have to

“Put out?”

And make it look like

We’re actually having fun?

When we’re not?

Because we’re

Not worthy

To profess exhaustion.

Apparently, no-

Not our sex.

We’ve been told

Its our job,

It’s our duty

It’s our responsibility.

We’ve asked for it after all-

Since Eve picked the forbidden fruit.

Do not call me

A daughter of Eve!

Because I am not!

Women are not evil,

And I am not worthless,

I am not useless

I am not dense-

History has proven

That women

Are quite capable

Of learning.

Take heed,

We are not lowly.

Like Lilith,

I know my own power

And will no longer

Apologize for it!

Instead of lying

Beneath any man,

I insist-

Like Shakti,

To sit face to face

With my Shiva.

I am…

All woman.






(by C’hele)


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