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September 17, 2007

Pretty Pathetic Poetry

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These are horrible but one cannot expect much when stuff like this suddenly blurps out of one’s brain late at night. I will instead call it practice. Oh vey!

I wish the injury would go away

No one, but no one,

Could put to rights

This hearts misery of mine!

On second thought,

Those eyes hold a twinkle of mischief

And your lips curve, restraining a promise.

Silent dreams yet unspoken

Are invented by a brilliant mind.

Could you be the one? To help mend the wound of a fool such as I?


Loves alternate ego is called heart ache

Creating pain so deep, it does make.

Making true love depends on the give and take

Its blessing and bliss knows not, how to be fake

Broader than the Universe and deeper than a bottomless lake,

Love decided to manifest itself like any other rake.

Who am I to fight the divine?

I then find myself in the kitchen and instead, decide to eat cake.



September 14, 2007


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Rolling fields, painted gold

Is kissed by the setting sun.

Flowing into earth the colour of olive green,

The hills continue to sway.

An old dirt road bridges them all and is

Defined by thousands of years and feet-

And snaking upon the auburn earth

There lining the ancient crossroads

The Cypress trees you’ll meet.

Behold, the lingering scent of citrus is evidence

Of my presence,

And there our souls will convene-

Beneath the cobalt blue canopy

And over warm scented clay,

There, our love will finally consummate.

For here in this sacred world,

Beauty and true worship survives-

Beholding the pure bliss of the Universe

As our two essence’s collide.


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