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October 24, 2007

Autism: Old Souls In The Face Of Youthful Autism

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From across a busy hallway that is filled with sounds of adolescent chatter, I observe a petite frame hunched over in a chair like a little old man. Intensely focusing upon the small round Tupperware dish in his lap, he hastily picks away at it like some starving little bird that happens upon some tasty morsels buried under deep snow during winter. Completely unaware of the activity and business of the environment around him, he is purposeful upon his task. After all, he only has five minutes left for lunch and he must remain on schedule in order to avoid completely ruining his whole day! Behind him, large window panes brightly outline his small frame allowing an unexpected sun ray to highlight the strawberry blonde hues in his hair. Tucked ever so carefully under his chair, sits his orange and black backpack. Beside it on the floor, is an orange binder and an orange pencil case stacked “just so.” His orange lunchbox sits neatly beside his binder and pencil case and they all match the un-tucked orange plaid shirt that he wears. “Orange is my most favourite colour you know,“ he once said to me.

Frantically he looks up at a clock on the wall across from him and with a frown on his face, he pushes back in place his small, round glasses blemished with greasy spots with his index finger. Suddenly, his cheeks become scarlet against the rest of his pale white skin and ever so slightly, he begins to rock back and forth in his chair. Anxiously looking towards the door where the staff room is, he slowly gets up from his chair. With his shuffling feet and hunched back, his elbows tucked up against his abdomen, he determinedly makes his way over to his personal educational assistant. I think to myself as I watch him walk, “I almost feel like I need to fetch him a walker.” Averting my eyes to allow him privacy, I hear his weak and creaky voice stammer to his aid:

Alison, I – I – I cannot go to class until I, until I, finish eating first. I became distracted by (? – I didn’t hear this part), and I simply, I simply just cannot continue onto my, to my, Keyboarding class until I finish my lunch and you, you, you just cannot make me go until I am ready. I’m going back to my table now so – so – so I can finish and so, and so, I won’t ruin my day and I will be able to focus better on my Keyboarding class.”

Smiling to myself as I walked away towards my own student, I could not help but think that I am convinced that despite the classic high functioning autistic traits that he displays, that he indeed, has an old soul in that little body of his.



October 14, 2007


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There is no rock on earth

That could prevent me from fainting:

Whenever I am unexpectedly exposed

To some serendipitous moment

I cannot help but feel

That Spirit

Is enjoying too much

Giving me its wake-up call.


October 10, 2007

Universal Love

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Most of us,

Have not been given the gift –

To decipher

The authentic language of love.

Its like witnessing the moon

Mating with the sun-

How can the eyes ever again

Become normal after viewing

The blazing and sizzling

Pure light of their union-

Words itself,

Could not even begin to describe

The universal heartbeat.


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