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February 27, 2008

Autism: If I Ever became Guvermint of canada (by Caela who is an Aspie Kid):

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If I Ever became Guvermint of Canada:
If I became Guvermint of Canada I woud macke the Groashrey (Grocerie) prises

not sow high. I wode put the prieses LOWER. When I herd that when my

mother got duvoarsd I hurd that it was bad! If I ever became Guvermint of

canada I woud suport the people now got out of verey bad relationship’s untill

that (they) found a good job and made eynuf mony to suaport ther famaliey that

thay (and they) wont need my help. but if thay thot thay had enuf money but If

thay bidint (didn’t) have eynuf that (then they) can call me and I will send them

enuf money. Some one in my Naberhood was yousing a pellet gun and was

shouting cats in my naber hood. If I ever wer Guvermit of canada I wode higher

(hire) palece to macke reports and send that person to Jail for a month! I wode

like to chanj (change) a lot of the bad things in the canchrey (country) wich is get

rid of rilley stoupid peapale! This wourld wode be even better if people had eney

(any) brans! if I was Guvermint of canada I wode want to macke thing even

better for all ouv (of) us. even for the peaplae how (who) read this stoarey.

By Michaela

(Yesterday when my daughter wrote this, I was shocked at all the spelling mistakes. Normally my daughter is not this bad. However, Caela is currently sick with the stomach flu and, well, it now makes sense why).

By the way. My daughter has expressed to many over the years that she has always wanted to become “The Guvermint of Canada–” since she was five!




February 24, 2008

Autism: Interesting Headlines…

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For those interested in new information regarding autism, I enclose the following links. The first one, is about a new autism drug: Oxygen. It was a fascinating read: 


 The second article is about a 13 year old Canadian girl who learned to communicate via using a laptop. This story has made headlines all over the world: 



February 21, 2008

Service With A Smile…

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How may I serve you?

Please don’t look at me that way.

My face carries no disguises.

Don’t look at the no make up and

The brown, leathery and wrinkled skin.


Look into my eyes

For they speak a thousand horror stories.

My face may look well worn,

But my smile is the only thing left

That I am able to give-


Just listen.

What I might say to you may not make any sense.

But when I look into your eyes,

All I care is,

Whether you give a damn or not.

I’d stay here all night to work

At the gas station if they asked me.

Gosh. I sure need a drink.

The best cocktail available?

Is receiving true Grace-

Served with silence and a genuine smile.

February 18, 2008

When God Is In The Rain

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I find myself falling again-

And as I look down,

I think to myself that it’s the same old process.

With pure abandonment and freedom

My calm body is expectant

For there is nothing quite like the feeling.

The abrupt explosion

Soon softens

As I come into the cool blue, or sometimes green fluid.

I feel myself stretch outwards-

Bull’s-eye. Its always a perfect circle.

Allowing my essence to ride the lulling wave,

I smile-

Lost in the intense pleasure of the moment.

As I softly rock up and down,

I hear the gentle murmurings of others-

They too, wish that the moment could last forever.

That’s what it feels like you know,

When God hugs you.

February 14, 2008

“Getting High”

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Let’s get high-


We’ll get so high

That the bottom of the clouds

That we soar under?

Will tickle us into divine ecstasy.

Go on. I dare you. Let’s fly…..


February 10, 2008

Shadow People

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Can you hear me?I know your there.

You have lingered there in the shadows

Like some apparition for quite some time.

Do you have any intentions

Of walking out of my dreams?

You have made it quite clear

That you have a presence.


I have sat here day in and day out.

The years quietly wander by

While silence has been your main calling.

My black and white world has always been

A domain full of grey shadows.

But. There in the corner, you still linger.

Will you ever make your presence known?

If you ever decide to do and just to let you know,

I adore colour.

P.s.  I ‘m such a hyprocrite.  I needed to write this and post it.  Thank you all for your wonderful support.  I love you all! C’hele xo.

February 3, 2008

There Might Be Love…

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In the deep void

There is music.

Sometimes there is colour

That can shame the rainbow itself.

There is light

That sometimes outshines the darkness.

Where there is music, colour and light,

There just might be love.

Who says that the Universe is empty?

Like my daughter says, “Thinck about it!”

February 2, 2008

Autism: Thanck You. From Michaela.

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To all my wonderful readers who have supported my wonderful daughter and her writing:

“Thanck you for those nice caments :).  To be anest with you I thot that this wouldit never happen to me.  you gise made my night.  Tanck you for giveing me the curig to teach peaple that atisteck kids are just as normall as regaler kids.  I had a meldoun at my grandperents  I said I was sorey  my papa said you have to learn to talk enteded of yelling.  but I am going to worck on it.  when you gave me those caments it brings tears to my eyes thats how happy you gise made me  thanck you agen for makeing me happy.”

 (TRANSLATION:  Thank you for those nice comments :).  To be honest with you, I thought that this would never happen to me.  You guys made my night.  Thank you for giving me the courage to teach people that autistic kids are just as normal as regular kids.  I had a meltdown (today) at my grandparents.  I said I was sorry.  My papa said you have to learn to talk instead of yelling but I am going to work on it.  When you gave me those comments, it brought tears to my eyes.  Thats how happy you guys made me.  Thank you again for making me happy.”

From Michaela


February 1, 2008

To Fly High~

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The skies are silent again today.

Where is the melody

That once used to tease and tickle my ears?

The vigour that used to raise and hold

     my wings steady and strong

Is now stilled?

Like a grounded bird

My tear-filled eyes refuse to look down.

I fear of missing the divine signal.

I fear that I might miss the opportunity

To again experience the euphoria-

Of again becoming one with a force so exquisite,

So powerful and splendent,

That even the Sun would feel burdened

     with the competition.

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