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February 2, 2008

Autism: Thanck You. From Michaela.

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To all my wonderful readers who have supported my wonderful daughter and her writing:

“Thanck you for those nice caments :).  To be anest with you I thot that this wouldit never happen to me.  you gise made my night.  Tanck you for giveing me the curig to teach peaple that atisteck kids are just as normall as regaler kids.  I had a meldoun at my grandperents  I said I was sorey  my papa said you have to learn to talk enteded of yelling.  but I am going to worck on it.  when you gave me those caments it brings tears to my eyes thats how happy you gise made me  thanck you agen for makeing me happy.”

 (TRANSLATION:  Thank you for those nice comments :).  To be honest with you, I thought that this would never happen to me.  You guys made my night.  Thank you for giving me the courage to teach people that autistic kids are just as normal as regular kids.  I had a meltdown (today) at my grandparents.  I said I was sorry.  My papa said you have to learn to talk instead of yelling but I am going to work on it.  When you gave me those comments, it brought tears to my eyes.  Thats how happy you guys made me.  Thank you again for making me happy.”

From Michaela



  1. You are most welcome, Michaela, sweetheart. It’s a pleasure knowing you and we have to thank your mom for introducing you to us.

    C’hele..translation? What on earth for! She spells amazing and I look forward to the uniqueness of it.

    Comment by Average Jane — February 2, 2008 @ 21:05

  2. How very nice and how unique the writing and words of hers.
    To take such a hard lesson at a young age can only make her stronger and better and more confident then ever. Although it is completely unnecessary to have such terrible experiences with other kids, but we all know how life goes sometimes. best wishes to you and Michaela.

    Comment by Ela — February 2, 2008 @ 23:55

  3. C’hele, what a beautiful child.

    Comment by davidrochester — February 3, 2008 @ 03:56

  4. Thank you everyone :). The afternoon/evening on this particular day her letter was written, was a complete write-off. Michaela literally exploded at home with anger and hurt over the other kids hurtful name calling. Michaela is also freaked that an old teacher that she has had previously for two years in an old school is now at her new school. This teacher in my opinion, is mean, sarcastic, and intimidating- and she’s a special ed. teacher to boot. Caela cannot for the life of her, understand “why” people choose to act in this manner. Its been difficult trying to explain to her that most children (and some adults) have the tendency to be this way. So far, I’ve been sucessful providing examples of others who represent peace, kindness, compassion and morality. She seems to be able to comprehend this. It was a long-shot by attempting to post her own words here and see what happens. It was a very good decision on my part. Michaela is learning to “see out of the box,” something autistic kids struggle with each day. All your comments lifted up her spirits and gave her hope that no, not every human being is mean and hurtful. Your comments showed my daughter that there is still hope in humanity and that she has a legitimate part in this world. She just has to learn how to handle the negativity. Trying to find a strategy for her to memorize (yes- memorize), so that she can grasp will for sure, become a God-given gift to her that she will always be able to utilize. We haven’t found something that will assist her just yet as we’ve tried what it seems to be almost everything.

    As I had hoped, Caela’s writing has proved to be stress-relieving for her. I had doubts that she would be patient enough to follow through to do this as she hates writing. Now, she wants to start her own blog to tell the world her own story. The bonus is, that it teaches her how to type and utilize the computer as well. This is another skill I have been trying to teach her but again, Caela had shown little tolerance for.

    I realize that the time has come to allow someone else outside the family attempt to help her. Sometimes, its more helpful when someone outside the family gives her advice because mom (or dad), is “only” mom/dad even if the advice is the same. On Friday, I called the Vancouver Children’s Hospital to ask for assistance from a professional psychologist who has knowledge and experience with autism. Monday, I will make the call and get this damned ball rolling. My fingers are crossed as always, that there will be a spark between my daughter and the therapist so that she will accept the very much needed therapy. Wish us luck.

    David: You know it baby. And she’s mine, all mine. 🙂

    Ela: You are so right about “how life works.” This is what Michaela needs help with. A professional I hope, will be the saviour she needs. Thank you, for your kind comment. Hugs.

    AJ: My daughter especially took a liking to you. She thought you were cool for praising her spelling.

    Clown: Even though you haven’t commented here, your comment about her being “artistic” set her on fire. You have no idea how much your comment meant to her. Hugs again.

    Comment by cheles — February 3, 2008 @ 06:20

  5. Mitch, I love your daughter!! I just adore her, and I think her spellings are cool!!! she writes beautifully. Her writings are a reflection of her thoughts, her mind, her heart and her upbringing. I wish she would write and write and make us happy and you proud, Mitch! And I am really happy happy right now! Caela, you are awesome! Thanck you!!

    Comment by childwoman — February 3, 2008 @ 10:14

  6. She is very high-functioning, to write so well. This is my first visit so that’s all I know. Well, I also know she has a loving and understanding mother, which is more than many autistic kids can say, unfortunately.

    Comment by Don — February 3, 2008 @ 22:14

  7. Tara: Thank you my friend!!! I read this to my daughter and she was glowing. Everyone here has become the fuel for her inspiration. In a very discreet way? You all have become the foundation for my daughter’s outlook in life. She is now starting to see new colours in her life or so to speak. We luv ya!

    Comment by cheles — February 4, 2008 @ 09:41

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