"Autism & Memoirs of an Old Maid"…C'hele's Story

June 21, 2008


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Thousands of my ancestors

Stood in circles around the Eastern gate.

Their drumming matched a long-familiar beat

As I passed through the golden portal.

When my eyes opened for the very first time,

The brilliance of their Spirits was reflected within mine.

Crying out in anger, my soul ached as their songs

And the drumming faded far off into the distance.



My thirteen year old mother called me Angel.



Years of darkness, hopelessness and death-

Did not diminish the brilliance of my smile.

Innately, I know I was not meant to live like this.

My eyes have seen what most think unbelievable.

The hope and resolve that resides within me, is hostile to break free.

I have forgotten that I came back to Earth with a purpose.

The Spirit of my people cry out for change-

The warrior within me despite all hardships, reaches out to help others like me.



The people on the streets call me an Angel.



What have I done?

By what fate, has brought me here to this iron place?

Where did the Good Red Road fade to?

Oh, but I am reminded-

I am reminded that a path can lead to anywhere.

My journey has just begun-

With just one firm step at a time.

With intention, I will comfortably walk alone and find myself.



And become an Angel.



This is what I was born to do-

This is what my soul chose.

And the Great Spirit smiles,

And my ancestors cry out with joy.

My test is to survive,

To nurture seeds for the future,

And freely give love to others.

I will water all nations with stories of my life’s lessons-

And let them go.



I am……Angel.


“To an amazing woman who has touched me deeply with her hardships and personal pain. Her strength, compassion for others, and spirituality has reminded me that no matter what our socieo-economic status may be, we are all relatives of the same family as human beings.”








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