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July 15, 2008

The Search For Something More-

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Like so many others who yearn for “something,”

I found myself standing at the edge of a shore at dawn yesterday.

Looking up into the breaking sky,

I cant seem to put aside the deep, yet mysterious longing within me-

I long like a stranger in a strange land for home.

What is home?

Now that I question that, I contemplate,

What is happiness?

The two I know, are somehow connected.

Both, seem like distant shadows

Hovering in the background.

Like some ominous secret.

Perhaps, its more illusionary actually.

Like serpents entwining themselves-

Curling, coiling, caressing each other,

Fluidly moving up and down in menacing, circular formations.

Questions. They are always asking questions.

History has taught us to avoid them-

But watch out for that Pandora’s box!

Is it such a crime to seek?

The answers I know are locked deep within.

The key has always been elusive to me-

Until just then.

The release explodes the undetectable box

That was once buried deeply within my psyche.

All my emotions are scattered-

Its overwhelming.

It does not however, diminish the silent but determined whispering in my ears,

Words I have not heard of in eons.

Over and over, I keep hearing it-

Repetitive and flowing,

Like water in a stream caressing the rocks beneath it,

Those words just keep flowing out-

“Know Thyself.”


I then realize,

You cant know yourself until you yield to your Spirit.

For it will always yearn for “Something More“….

Once I fully absorb the realization,

My heart will be able to truly rest at home.

Because my yearning has nothing to do with anything here on this earth.

This is all the happiness that my soul will need.





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