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December 31, 2008

“I’ve missed you…..”

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This is how I awoke this morning at approximately 07:35. I saw no visuals. All I heard was a male voice speak in my ear this:

“I missed you yesterday,

I missed you even more today,

I’ve missed you like crazy,

Although we’ve been apart.”

I immediately woke up with a start and frantically searched to find a piece of paper and pen in my nightstand in order to write this down before I forgot. The poem has not left my mind all day…..




December 5, 2008

Amber Coloured Healing

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Amber gold light, blazed brilliantly past me, illuminating the firmament before me.

Raising my gaze upwards, I take notice of the aged, scantily hanging leaves on virtually naked trees.

The almost lifeless remains were motionless and yet they shimmered, radiating their rustic, bright yellow-amber hues.

Their host, stood like skeletons and yet, they were tall, firm and graceful.

Appendages stretching upwards like young children begging to be lifted by their parent, were instead enveloped by evergreens and a deep, grey-blue sky.

And yet, there they stood, firmly rooted mediating between the warmth of the sun and the frigidness of the sky-

I cant help but find myself captivated how even in nature, opposites do indeed attract.

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