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January 28, 2009

A Short Story from a Novice Architect Eyes…

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The misty, cold, and dismal day called for some serious creative work or she‘d go mad. Walking into the room, the novice architect critically viewed the small expanse before her. It would be a challenge to secure the many corner foundations of her assignment. After all, she had only two blankets in which to shape her project. The question was; how to do it without damaging the materials. She would need to locate additional and forbidden but necessary materials. With an uncertain look on her face, she pondered on the negative consequences that most likely she would have to face. She was resolute: she would risk any potential, negative consequences of her actions. Lifting her chin up with determination, she convinced herself that once her masterpiece was finished, the landlord would of course, forgive her of any transgressions. She was sure of it. It would be a work of art!

Unnoticed, the architect retrieved the two blankets from the hallway closet and ran to the secreted place and positioned them under her bunk-bed. Quietly walking to the doorway, she poked her head out from the archway and made sure the way was clear of any potential intruders. Running to another hallway closet, the architect cautiously snatched a broom and a pail full of clothes pins. Slowly backing out of the cloakroom, she tip-toed back to her creative space. Evaluating the areas that would most secure her structure, the blankets were laid out accordingly. Pinned together by the clothespins, the structure slowly manifested. Carefully crawling beneath the blankets, the main supporting beam, the broom, was placed in the centre of the soon to be structure. Slowly, lifting the broom upright, the structure finally evolved. Success! It didn’t collapse. Running to her bed and ripping off the bed quilt, she carefully laid it out on the floor under her new structure. Quickly fetching her sleeping bag, pillow, t.v., and her cat bed before the evil one could stop her, she placed them accordingly under her Arabian tent.

Turning the t.v. on, and settling quite comfortably within her sleeping bag, she jolted with a sudden realization: she better show and convince her landlord to keep the new structure.

Needless to say, she was more than successful. Her exotic Arabian tent was allowed to remain until the next wash day.


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  1. Cute story! I could see this little one running about with determination, all so she could set up her tent!

    Comment by Corina — February 3, 2009 @ 05:49

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