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January 31, 2009

A Short Story – The Buried Treasure

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Bored out of her mind, Melissa sat outside on the wet lawn in the backyard one cold, rainy day. Equipped with nothing but a hand shovel, she picked at the lawn until she reached the dark, clay earth. She had nothing to do, so why not continue? The picking eventually became full scoopfuls of dirt. Focusing on the odour of the rich earth, she wondered, “would I find anything interesting buried deep within the dirt?” She was told that the four-plex and neighbouring homes were built on ancient Indian ground now owned by the government. She heard rumours that it had once been an ancient aboriginal burial ground hundreds of years ago. Would she find anything? Bones? Jewellery? Gold? Buried treasure? Her eyes widened at the potential possibilities. Her excitement was building along with her imagination. It wasn’t long before a very large pile of dirt lay beside her and the hole in front of her was at least two feet deep. Looking towards her ground level apartment, Melissa noticed her parents staring back at her from the kitchen window in disbelief. With a look of pure excitement, she pointed towards the hole in a jabbing motion. She kept digging until she heard a muffled clang. Holding her breath in pure exhilaration, she began to dig further. Slowly, with her fingers, she brushed away some dirt until she could make out a few letters.

“Oh, my God,” she thought. “We’re gonna be rich!”

Convinced that she had found buried treasure, she ran towards the house to fetch her parents. Filthy from head to toe in mud and soaked to the bone, her father refused to let her in. Mel was so excited that she could hardly get the words out to her dad what she thought she had found. Dragging her dad out in the now pouring rain, she brought him before the hole. Dropping to her knees, she pointed to the letters on the object.

“See? Dad! I found buried treasure!!!! We’re gonna be rich!”

Melissa’s fathers eyes were fixated on the object in the ground. Suddenly, his eyes widened in alarm.

“Melissa! That’s not buried treasure honey! That’s a gas pipe!!! You need to stop banging it with the shovel!!”

Completely devastated and deeply embarrassed, Melissa turned and walked towards the house as her father patched up the hole with the pile of dirt beside it. Defeated, Melissa removed her dirty clothes and threw them in the hamper. Immediately putting on her p.j’s., Mel then closed the curtains in her room and crawled into bed. It was only two o’ clock in the afternoon. A few minutes later, her mom came into the room with a steaming cup of hot cocoa and a few cookies. Placing them down on the table beside the bed, she commented:

“It was a nice thought you know. It would have been neat to have found something so important and become rich because of it.”

And with that, she turned and left the room.

With hands under her head, Melissa thought to herself; “Yeah, it would have been neat. Tomorrow, I’m going to start digging behind the garage instead. I‘m almost sure that there are Dinosaur bones buried somewhere behind there.“ Mel’s motto was after all, “Patience is a virtue.” The next step? Hiring more hands to dig. The pop bottles she had collected and saved, should be enough to cover that.




  1. This made me grin. 🙂

    Comment by davidrochester — February 18, 2009 @ 10:15

  2. I mean, with pleasure!

    Comment by davidrochester — February 18, 2009 @ 10:15

  3. What can I say? The girl has a “wild” imagination! lol.

    Comment by C'hele — February 19, 2009 @ 08:47

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