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February 12, 2009

Poetry – Heaven Sent

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Sitting low in the mottled eastern sky,

The sun was only a couple of hours old.

As my eyes traveled over to assess the calm farm fields below,

My gaze slowly traveled back upwards to drink upon the sun and sky.

I swear, I saw a glimpse of heaven today.

Like two people laying side by side, the clouds were shaped

And the two mating clouds blanketed the sun-

The dark cloud almost completely covering the white,

Like Yin and Yang were they.

The sun I’m sure, blessed this union

Because even though you could not see its full form,

Its glory radiated outwards-

The thin layer of white cloud that lay beneath the grey-blue cloud

Was so brilliant with light, it hurt to lay the eyes upon it.

Just then-

In slow motion,

Hundreds of snow geese lifted up to take flight

Like a rock hitting a bed full of feathers did they slowly, gracefully, ascend into the air.

The sun did not miss this wondrous spectacle either-

As the snow geese became airborne,

The pure white of their wings suddenly began to glitter.

And the sky for that brief moment, was alight with both fire and diamonds.

They say that one day, those who make it to heaven

Will enter into a paradise lined and filled with gemstones and gold.

Suddenly, I’m feeling gratitude.

Suddenly, I’m feeling blessed.

Then I realized.

I wont have to wait for eons until I see paradise.

Because I swear, I saw a glimpse of heaven…today.


February 11, 2009

Secret Hiding Places

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I’ve figured it out.

I’ve always wondered “why”

I was always obsessed

To view the stars on a clear, black night,

To be in awe, to witness the smile of a full moon,

And watch for hours-

The puffy, white clouds that slowly trickle by.


They are God’s secret hiding places.

February 7, 2009

Poetry – The Cobblestone Journey

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It is all that I see in front of me.

Presenting a path that is lengthy and broad,

It brings to light of the journey that is always in front of me.

Some cobblestones are cracked.

Some are broken right through.

I notice that some are only chipped

Many, are scuffed too.

Every cobblestone is imperfect-

Just like you and me.

And the wonderful thing about looking at them is,

Is how each and everyone of them are so beautifully unique.

As I walk forward on my own cobblestone journey,

I become innately intimate with every cobblestone that I encounter

And I know that each cobblestone represents something different-

Every unique person that I have met,

Every new experience that I’ve encountered,

Every sacred moment that I witness in the everyday ordinary.

I am humbled to find the Invisible Teacher within all these wonderful things.

As I walk my journey, many of these humble rocks lend me strength in times of need.


If I don’t remind myself to look up once in a while,

I forget to see the Truth in front of me.


February 2, 2009

Poetry – Winter Wonders

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Snow crystals softly fall in the silent evening light,

A bright, divine veil linking the heavens and earth.

As the perfect ice-flakes make intimate contact,

It cleanses my soul and

Embalms my now calm spirit.

And amidst this rare moment of serenity,

I suddenly had this great urge-

And I threw myself down upon the ground

Giving myself up to the heavens as an offering.

All of a sudden, something miraculous happened-

The Great Mystery turned me into the most beautiful snow angel.

A Short Story – The Transformation

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Standing alone in the unfamiliar room, she instinctively knew that she wasn’t really alone. The unfamiliar surroundings didn’t help much to ease her fears either. She knew that “something” was happening even thought she couldn’t see it. The very air in the room vibrated. She was sure that it had to do with her personally. She could sense it and her intuition was never wrong. Feeling the need to stretch her arms out in front of her, she did so and crossed them at the wrists. Suddenly, out of thin air, something that resembled two long snakes began to spiral around her wrists. Platinum coloured and supple like rope, it slowly and almost methodically twisted and rhythmically coiled about binding her wrists together. So entranced by the movement of the two strands, it was too late to panic. Her wrists were now bound together with something that resembled steel. While struggling to free her hands, she noticed that the strands started to manifest themselves into colour; one strand became a light-red and the other, a light-blue that sparkled with something that resembled glitter. Her skin began to tingle. The strands felt as if they had a life force of their own. Something had started- she could feel it. What it was exactly, she was unable to say. No, her life wasn’t threatened. But something insider her “was” transforming.

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