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February 12, 2009

Poetry – Heaven Sent

Filed under: Poetry — C'hele @ 07:46

Sitting low in the mottled eastern sky,

The sun was only a couple of hours old.

As my eyes traveled over to assess the calm farm fields below,

My gaze slowly traveled back upwards to drink upon the sun and sky.

I swear, I saw a glimpse of heaven today.

Like two people laying side by side, the clouds were shaped

And the two mating clouds blanketed the sun-

The dark cloud almost completely covering the white,

Like Yin and Yang were they.

The sun I’m sure, blessed this union

Because even though you could not see its full form,

Its glory radiated outwards-

The thin layer of white cloud that lay beneath the grey-blue cloud

Was so brilliant with light, it hurt to lay the eyes upon it.

Just then-

In slow motion,

Hundreds of snow geese lifted up to take flight

Like a rock hitting a bed full of feathers did they slowly, gracefully, ascend into the air.

The sun did not miss this wondrous spectacle either-

As the snow geese became airborne,

The pure white of their wings suddenly began to glitter.

And the sky for that brief moment, was alight with both fire and diamonds.

They say that one day, those who make it to heaven

Will enter into a paradise lined and filled with gemstones and gold.

Suddenly, I’m feeling gratitude.

Suddenly, I’m feeling blessed.

Then I realized.

I wont have to wait for eons until I see paradise.

Because I swear, I saw a glimpse of heaven…today.



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