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March 11, 2009

A Short Story – The Cosmic Tree

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How absolutely beautiful did that tree look. So beautiful, it immediately softened and transformed the worn, hardened look on my face into awe. Sprawling far from left to right, it displayed a grace, strength and wisdom that I sensed, I will never begin to understand. Burdened, the tree was loaded with fresh, new green leaves and there- it did sit, never moving. Not even a leaf shuddered. Some people say: “as above, so below it“. And so it was. The cerulean blue sky matched the vast body of water beneath it. And there did this very ancient, magnificent tree sit. The dark bark, bled brown from the tree top down until it met the water and there the roots were transformed white. Spreading out as far and wide as its canopy, did the tree silently and motionlessly sit…still never moving. There it sat, half in and half out of the tropical-like blue waters. Bewildered, I blinked my eyes once to digest this remarkable sight. Opening them again, I viewed many men in wet suits swimming around the tree’s roots, deeply immersed within the calm waters. Looking back up into the canopy, my skin immediately crawled and shivered, but not from cold. For camouflaged deep within the tree, sat a creature as old as time itself.  My whole body tingled with realization- this would not be the last time I would meet her, nor was this vision an accident.


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