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May 28, 2009

Haiku Poetry

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A lone dog barking

Shatters the evening peace

The echo’s rumble….

May 11, 2009


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No redeemer here on earth can save you now.

Illusions are so abundant,

Creating numerous blinds to the eye.

My friend: You are all alone in this fight.

And so.

Understanding this, I must save myself-

The burden is just too great.

As I suffer from a slow and agonizing spiritual death,

I endeavour alone to resurrect both my soul and spirit.

Therefore, I will endure to learn and reveal to myself, what truly exists

And consequently, voluntarily extract myself from this reality,

To depart like so many others before me.

Like a hermit, a monk or a nun.

And so.

I have become the weary hermit trudging forward,

Forgiving every pebble that finds its way into my shoes

Because really, there are no pebbles.

And upon establishing my retreat,

Nestled in some remote and moody nature paradise,

Will the answers slowly come.

Mother Nature it seems has her own illusions.

And within the stillness and silence,

Will the breezes start to whisper truths to ears ready to hear.

Know this:

Hell, my friend, is no-where but right here on earth.

And so.

I find peace and simplicity within Mother Natures space-

For she is both a portal and a reflection of something much greater-

Something vastly and more divinely beautiful than herself.

That knowledge in itself, is enlightening.


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