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November 29, 2009

Daniel Wesley Concert, Observations and Music

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Its 10:32 to be exact and I just got up approximately fifteen minutes ago. I cannot remember a time when I slept in so late. I love it. My daughter spent the night over at her uncles and as much as I adore her to death, I am loving the solitude.

I didn’t get home until 2 a.m. last night. What I enjoyed was “finally” seeing Daniel Wesley last night. He’s really talented when he plays live and I enjoy a lot of his music (in which he writes a lot of). What I didn’t enjoy, was seeing the other looser bands for the first two hours of the concert. Let me confess heartily, that my ears are still ringing and I endured complete torture for most of the evening. Some might say that they put these bands on to make the main attraction sound good. But I would certainly not apply that to last night. The crowd, mostly filled with twenty-something year olds, were hardly enough entertainment to justify the crappy bands. My date and I didn’t drink so normally I find it interesting watching others consume astonishing stupid amounts of alcohol, pass around joints and then watch their antics. But not last night. I don’t know what it was. There seemed to be a lot of mixed vibes in the air. Looking around, I don’t mean this judgementally, but it appeared that the place was full of misfits. Perhaps it’s a “music thing.”

Though half of the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves, a huge portion of the people walked around with a drink in each hand (which seemed almost constantly). I couldn’t help but take note that these people wandered about with a look of sadness and perhaps a bit of desperation. Here I am, at a concert, and I’m supposed to be enjoying myself and yet I really wasn’t. The only thing that kept me from virtually walking out of the place was Daniel Wesley. I don’t know, it must be age, but I was so bored my ass hurt and I kept falling asleep before Daniel Wesley came on. When Daniel did come on, it was painful to keep my eyes open. It wasn’t just me either- my date was doing the same and we laughed about it many times throughout the evening.

Because the evening was so long and drawn out, my date and I were starving by the end of the night. My date is not a very refined individual and I would have loved checking out one of the restaurants that close late in the a.m. along Granville street. Oh my God, Subway is so romantic (not). However, I was so hungry that I was grateful for any food so the Veggie sub sufficed.

Another thing: you would “think” women in their twenties especially in this day and age would know a bit of something about fashion or class. I’ve never seen so many fashion faux-pas in my life! Here I was, thinking I was most likely under-dressed in my jeans, Boulet boots and a t-shirt (I just couldn‘t gather enough energy to really dress up). Now I think I didn’t look half bad. And I’ll leave it there.

This was the second concert that I attended over at the Commodore Ball Room since they renovated. The first time was at the beginning of the year when I went to see 54-40 (I don’t have any interest buying their CD’s but they are an excellent band to see live- I really enjoyed them). I hesitate going back to the Commodore unless I really, really want to see a certain band or performer. I know its to be expected in concerts but they wait “SO” long to put the main act on and its torture for me. When I went to see ZZ Top, they only had one act before them: Charlie Major. At least he can at least sing and play. But the kids now and days consider these “other acts” their music and I suppose I should respect that. However, if I want to view an assortment of live acts, I’d go over to the Yale. There, amazing individuals linger about, wicked at playing the blues (and can actually play and sing). To each their own.

Next? The Orpheum Theatre and I’m going to take Caela with me. Classical music and or opera is calling to me. I’ll investigate what will be playing this Christmas.

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