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December 6, 2009


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What am I waiting for?
I don’t know.
But I know its coming.

Catch me if you can.

That won’t be hard, I’m getting older.
I won’t be caught silently though.
I still have two good fists and a big mouth.

On second thought,
When the time does come?

There’s nothing like a warm blanket and a dark room.
Please make sure that when you enter the room?
That you’re quiet,

Really quiet.


In 200 Words ~ The Journey

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A gentle breeze caressed her, gently tousling her hair about lifting it upwards from her face. Standing at the edge of the long journey before her, she could not help by being awed by the scenery before her. If only all of life could look this way she thought. The journey was long, so very long- and there will be many bumps, potholes and dangerous creatures that she would have to avoid along the way. But that was not the real test. This world, is really a dark and aging sphere continually in flux. The test would be to find the end of the journey and accept it. Would darkness find its way to over-power her by fear? Furrowing her brow, she had to remain determined that she could survive this. The colors before her were many shades of green. Green is good. She was told that the true color of love was green. But soon, all will turn into a black void, the shade of potential and possibilities….or despair. Still standing at the edge of the long path, she almost turned around. “Forget it”. Will she ever find this place again? Like a child, she was gently nudged forward.

December 4, 2009

Einstein Wisdom

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A = x+y+z

x = work
y = play
z = mind your own business

I just discovered this the other week, and I love it. I cant wait to share this with one of the classrooms I work in. The teacher, who teaches math, science and physics I’m sure will have already heard of it. But the kids wont know, lol.

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