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April 3, 2010

The Art of Dying Well

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Since last August I have been reflecting greatly, upon my grandfathers death. Since it was my first time to ever witness the death of a human being, I have nothing to really compare it to save for the stories of others. But I can say one thing- my grandfather died with dignity and a quiet courage and strength that I could only hope to accomplish when its my turn to give up the Ghost. I have always held a quiet and non-morbid fascination regarding the subject of death. Since I was hmnnn six years old or so. Perhaps because at a very young age I somehow understood the concept of reincarnation. I just diden’t know that it had a fomal name. I was an angry child who “innately” knew that I diden’t want to come back to this plane. I- just- diden’t- want- to- be- here. Plain and simple. Perhaps its because my intuition has always told me that somehow, it was important in life to learn the art on how to die well and to die without any attachments to anything here on this Earth. I have pondered over the years that perhaps the process of learning how to do this (to die well), is in itself a test. An initiation of some sorts that finally brings a soul to eternal peace and thus avoiding the process of reincarnating back here. Unless we choose to. The choice, from what I understand, is based on Buddhist dharma. The subject of death is one that I will be investigating in greater depth. Because I am human like everyone else, I have attachments and fears that I need to resolve yet. I can think of no greater test for any human being than learning “The Art of Dying.” So, this summer, my goal is to sign up and participate in a Hospice course. I am determined, to not only help myself learn about the subject of death on a more personal level, but to assist others who are in the process of dying who may have the same fear as I have.

I’m convinced, that grampa passed the test.



  1. Your approach to death is very healthy, in my opinion. There will always be mystery to dying, but you are making friends with the transition we will all go through. I watched my husband die not that long ago. Being there changes you forever. Death is still mysterious, but nothing to fear any longer. It feels like part of a continuum. Please continue to write about what you learn.

    Comment by anhinga — April 6, 2010 @ 18:54

    • You are so right Anhinga. Death does change you forever. We definitely understand each other :). I will be sure to keep everyone posted on my observations and lessons.

      Comment by C'hele — April 7, 2010 @ 04:09

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