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September 25, 2010

General Things on My Mind….

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1. School is currently a living hell. It’s been fourteen days since the first day of school and I am absolutely exhausted already. My feet have literally been hurting when I come home and all I want to do when I’m home is go to bed. For the first week, I came home and did some yoga thinking that it will help work out the stress in my body. Wrong. I suppose that the stress is worse than I originally thought because after that first week I ended up pulling muscles. I’ll be looking for a new school to work at. The resource room I’m currently working in, is too large and employed with staff who’s mentality is “each man to themself”. Working with a team approach is definitely unheard of. I dont do games, back-stabbing and sabbotague. I can honestly say that I’m done. Too many of these programs are anything but “child or student centred”.

2. I attempted to make an appointment with a chiropractor that specializes in sports related injuries. He’s excellent from what I heard so I made a phone call on my lunch hour one day last week. The stress my body is currently undergoing, is literally pulling my spine and neck out of alignment. I’ve had to stop doing yoga for the time being until I see the specialist. After discovering that it would cost me $268.00 on the first visit and that I would be unable to claim it on my medical insurance/extended health I was extremely disappointed not to mention disgusted. I would also have to pay an extra fee of $30 after each visit not covered under my medical as well. They also close at 5:30. I don’t get off work until 3:30 and the first appointment is an hour and a half. It would also take me an hour to get there from where I work. *Sigh*. I am so frustrated. I’m just going to have to hunt for another sports related chiropractor that works evenings and weekends.

3. My daughter is absolutely crazy about her new school. What a switch! she comes home everyday with a smile on her face and has funny stories to tell me when I come home. The teacher took all the kids in the resource room bowling yesterday as a special end of the week treat. They diden’t go to just any bowling lane either. He took them to a lane where the place was lit up in laser lights! Everyone had a blast.

To all parents with autistic kids take note: This is a prime example of the parent that talks the loudest gets heard first! Take notes and have your facts ready before you do battle and request your child be placed in another program. Be diplomatic and professional and you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish. Stressful, yes. But so worth it when you see your child smile with contentment and happiness in the end.

4. My Finnish language lessons are fabulous. My teacher is born and raised in Helsinki, Finland and has his master’s degree in linguistics. Obviously, he speaks many languages. “Hyvaa iltaa” (meaning good evening) was the first thing he said. Then he introduced himself and said, “Finnish is different, not difficult (but very democratic)! and I couldn’t agree more. In two classes I have learned so much already and I have so much yet to study (obviously). My mom is loving it. Mom speaks with a more formal tongue and she looks forward to photocopies of all my notes and handouts for updates. I dont think I would be this far ahead already without her. Today both mom and I will head to Chapters to order Finnish Dictionaries that the teacher recommends. We will also order instructional tapes to listen to when we’re at home. Both of us are very excited.

5. My boyfriend is now riding around on his Harley. He passed his learners driver test so now its legal for him to get out on the road to practice. I have to admit…..it looks fun.

6. Normally I always look forward to the change of seasons but somehow, I wish summer was around for at least another month. I feel like I never really got to enjoy this past summer it went so fast. Maybey thats my clue to go to the Carribbean for Christmas (I wish!).

7. I picked up a book on my boyfriends coffee table the other day. It’s called “The Good Old Days- They Were Terrible!” by Otto L. Bettmann. First published in 1974, its a book that covers the years from the end of the Civil War to the early 1900’s. The book gives an entirely different picture of the so-called gay, care-free Guilded Age of America. Eleven chapters covers a realistic approach to the air pollution, child poverty, crime, unemployment, corruption, neglect for the aged and disabled of those days and more. Umn, needless to say the book is informative of what that era was like but incredibly depressing. I thought things are shitty now- however, I would not trade era’s for the life of me. Interesting book.

8. I have to go and eat before I pass out. Have a great weekend everyone!


September 12, 2010

General Stuff On My Mind….

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1. This past Labour Day long weekend I have been childless. Some might revel in the thought of becoming childless for such a long period of time, but in all honesty? I diden’t like it. It made me think of how horrible life is without my daughter, special needs and all.

2. Work has started and I’m back at my high school. I look forward to both the upcoming new school year and the new students. What I do not look forward to is, working with less E.A. and teacher support due to funding cuts and lay offs. That in itself, is going to cause me to hate my job in a few months when things really get rolling.

3. My daughter is going to a new high school this year. She is looking forward to the new environment, new friends and hopefully, better team support. The upcoming change and anticipation has worn on her anxiety-ridden person a great deal this past summer. I must say: Homeopathy is a god-send. I cannot wait to see how she manages in a few months in her new school.

4. My brother and sister-in-law went camping in thier new RV this past weekend. Apparently they had a very good time. I have my doubts however. Thier dog, a lab, usually sleeps with them in thier bed at nights and the camping trip was no exception to this rule. The thought makes me cringe with disgust as the dog is outside just as much as its inside. I hope to God they change the sheets daily. The camper looks like it was made in 1977 and although it looks like its in rough shape, is sound. I told my brother that all he needed was a straw hat and to change his name to “Jeb”, and everything would be perfect.

5. Yesterday, I was in an organizational frenzy. I find myself like this at least 3 times a year: New Years Day, Spring and September. To be honest, I have no idea how I live with myself because I was an absolute freak about it.

6. The last few days, I have been organizing pictures and placing them into photo albums. This has been a job that I have severely neglected for a few years now. In doing this tedious job, I coulden’t help but notice that over the years, I always seems to have one look: the grow-out look. I cant believe how pathetic I look in almost every picture of myself. Why is it that I have neglected to take photo’s of myself when I actually have nice hair?? I know there is a psychological explanation for this, but I’m not sure I really want to know.

7. I am very excited. Next week I will be taking Finnish language lessons/classes. Despite my excitement about this, I cannot help but feel a bit of resentment towards my mother that she did not make sure that I grew up with the language. I remember my grandmother being disgusted about this and she took it upon herself to start teaching me. Thanks to my father’s fanatical, controlling side of the family, they pressured my mother to a huge degree insisting that teaching me a second languate would only screw me up. Currently, all I know is a smattering of words and with great difficulty I can make out the jest of whats been said during conversation. You have no idea how difficult is it to learn this language. Its going to be frustrating, but I’m determined!

Bonus: my mother is fluent in Finnish (and Swedish).

Bonus #2: the rental house behind my parents home is rented out to an immigrated Finnish woman who has only been in Canada for eight years. Needless to say, my mother and the neighbour are thrilled that “countrymen” live next door to each other. Its not everyday that you just bump into a full-fledged Finn or at least live next to one in another country. I think its very cool because I can also practice speaking with my mom’s neighbour! So, I’m convinced that this is an omen and that it is meant to be that I persue and learn this language.

8. My boyfriend is half way through completing his motorcycle lessons. I’ve always been told that there is no such thing as a dumb question. However, after listening to his stories about the others in his group and the questions they ask, makes me grateful that I’m not also doing this. It frightens me to no end that these people will soon be out on the road driving. If they actually pass that is. All brains, but absolutely NO common sense and I will leave it there.

9. I must be getting old. I used to hate listening to the song “Sunny Days” by ? (Lighthouse I think was the band).  Due to it being the summer, my favourite classic rock station play it alot. The more I listen to it, the more the cheery, upbeat tune puts me in a good mood. Subconsciously, I must be jealous that I am unable to do the same. It takes me back to when I was sixteen, lying in some backyard in a bikini at one of my girlfriends house with all my girlfriends around with not a care in the world. Yup. I’m jealous and miss those days.

10. I am currently sitting in my car with my lap-top whilst my daughter is having one of her Esquestrian riding lessons. Looking up to the thermometer in my car, I take note that it reads 18.5 degrees celcius. The sun is soft, the sky is blue and the clouds resemble a fine gauze. Suddenly the song “Sunny Days” pops into my mind and I would love nothing more when its time to go home, to get out my camping chair, bring out the tunes, a book and a Budweiser. I am greatful for the perfect day (even though I dont drink beer anymore!).

September 6, 2010

Next On The Agenda!

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Looks like my wanting to drive around in a Vespa is dead in the water. I went to write my learners and I cannot explain for the life of me, how stupidly ridiculous the test was. Of course I failed the test. I can honestly say that I gave it my all. After skipping many of the questions (your allowed to skip questions three times before you must answer), I had finally had enough. I had studied the motorcycle booklet inside and out- I was ready to pass the test with confidence. However upon reading the questions which were mostly scenario’s, I realized that they could only be answered by a person who has had experience bootin around riding on a motorcycle. I have never riden a bike so I had no idea how to answer the questions! After attempting to correctly answer some of the questions, I finally had had enough. I arrived at the motor vehicle branch at noon and upon walking towards the computer to do my test, I should have clued in that the test was going to be a duzy when the clerk told me that I had until 4:30 to complete the test. What a freaking joke. After I was finished, I went to the clerk and informed her what I thought of the test. “Everyone fails the first time, dont let it discourage you”, she informed me. “Well, you tell your boss that this is the first and last time I will do this. It’s nothing but a money-grab as far as I’m concerned”, I retorted. I refuse to give those idiots another $20 to do a test.

Everyone who knew I did the test felt bad for me except for me. I had studied really hard for that test and knew that booklet inside and out. I gave it my best shot. Many may not agree with me, but based on principle I will not re-do the test and give them more of my hard earned cash because truly? That whole experience was a joke.

In the long run, I saved approximately $900 for the motorcyle lessons, the final road test fee and the learners fee’s. With a smile on my face, I can now put that money towards something much more meaningful for me: my yoga teacher certification course in January.

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