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December 27, 2010

My After Christmas Prayer……

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December 26th, 2010

Dear Lord:

Me thinks I passed the test. It was hectic. Almost insane. I was greatly aggrieved by the time Christmas Day came, but the “planned dinner” turned out to be a “buffet’d success”. I have to tell you, I was so incredibly grateful when:

1. The consistently unattended toddler, did not break any of my “really good” dishes when she grabbed most of them off the table and then run around the house with them.

2. The full glass of wine that was spilled upon my new rug by a boozed-up guest was dealt with not one negative comment when what I really wanted to tell him was, what an immature, stupid, ignorant asshole he was. So, with as much calm as I could muster to remedy the situation, I poured a whole box of table salt upon the spots. Remembering to “take it with a grin of salt” (A Yogi Berra quote), the real grin came afterwards when I vaccuumed all the salt up. There was not a stain to be found. Thank you for reminding me about the law of karma, so I could avoid making myself look like an idiot by choosing to keep my stressed-out comments to myself.

Lord, I was most incredibly grateful to you when 2:30 a.m. came around and everyone decided to GET LOST. By the end of the night, a miracle caused the taxi’s to arrive promptly, no one threw-up in my home, and my kitchen was spotless for the next day. This morning, I had someone else make and serve me breakfast and coffee with music. Just that itself, was a huge blessing to me.

Thanks again for your presence.


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