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July 25, 2012

Autism: “My Friends!”………..

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Once I become aquainted with an autistic student, I slowly start calling them “My friend”.  I do this intentionally.  If they don’t like my calling them My Friend, of course I will honour thier request.  Almost all the individuals I work with, end up love it when I call them “My Friend”.  I can almost always get help from any autistic individual once I have gained thier trust and respect and call them “My Friend”.  And believe me, they can be of great help in my job.  They love the feeling of being able to contribute any talents they may have towards anything that is meaningful and productive.

If you call an autistic individual “My Friend” and your statement does not match the sincerity in your eyes, you are dead in the water. Period.

These people are autistic.  Not stupid and I love them all.


July 20, 2012

Autism and Mixed Labels

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Personal Opinion: 

When one is working with a child or a student with Autism and another disability lets say, Down Syndrome, I will approach this individual as an autistic person first.  Why?  This individual’s sensory needs will be the most prominent.  This is almost always over-looked by care-givers because they are often distracted by possible, negative behaviours.  Once the sensory needs are met, you will often find an incredibly intriguing human being.


Its About Time:

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Its been too long since I’ve written. Due to time issues, I want to write a few words on whatever is on my mind whether it’s Autism, a rant, or an observation. Now its time to get back on the band-wagon!

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