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August 12, 2013

Autism: Your Child After Your Death

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Please read this from beginning to end.  There is a reason for it:

There is a very informative book that came out ohhh, in 2009 or so.  This book was planned and written by a group of people and families who have children with varied cognitive and physical disabilites. The idea to create the book was incited by  enormous fears of the unknown- who will care of thier children upon the parents death? 

The name of the book is, “Safe and Secure, Six Steps to Creating A Good Life For People With Disabilities” by Al Etmanski. 

This was a hard book for me to read.  For a long time.  Who really wants to think of this now when your only in your 40’s? Eeek.

The people who wrote this book belong to an incredible network: “Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network or PLAN”.  I never knew it, but PLAN has been around for twenty years.  This network is led by familes and assists other families how to create a secure future for thier special needs children. 

The book is divided into six steps or chapters:

1. How to Clarify your Vision

2. Nuturing Friendship

3. Creating a Home

4. Making Sound Decisions

5. Achieving Financial Security

6. Securing your Plan

Plan states:

“It is a plan that you create, control and direct. it is focused on the here and now. It is also geared to a time when you will no longer be around”. 

Reading this book two- three times, I cannot state enough just how incredibly helpful it is.  Painful as it is as one journey’s through it, the immense relief one feels afterwards when you have completed the journey, is worth more than its weight in gold. 

Plan says it perfectly:

“So many thoughts, ideas, worries, and concerns go rolling around in your head.  You can hardly remember them all.  How could you expect someone else to? There are so many confusing messages and countless pieces of advice, and so many complications.  The need for resolution lurks just beneath the surface, emerging at the most unexpected times”. 

The nice thing about this network, is that the book is free of charge for families here in BC.  I found mine in a Pharmasave. The other nice thing about this network is that you have a choice.  You can either utilize the book yourself, or you can contact PLAN and hire them to assist you through these processes. 

You can join PLAN by becoming an Associate Member; recieve newsletters, e-zines, publications, attend workshops. Or, you can become a Lifetime Member and have them work for you to assist develop a personal network for your child who has a disability. 

Now.  PLAN is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The up-side to this is that they do help families all over the world. They still provide on-line courses, workshops, training, consultation etc. They mentor groups of families so they can adapt the PLAN model.  They distribute books, CD ROMS’s and DVD’s and more.

In the book, it mentions that: “The Institute currently supports over 40 replications around the world.  It offers an annual Leadership Training Course for people interested in learning about the PLAN model.  For those interested in learning about social movements, the Institute offers a four day retreat called Thinking Like a Movement, which takes place each January”. 

I urge anyone who has a child or teenager with a developmental disability to look into this if you haven’t already prepared a plan for them after your death.  I wish I knew this information early on!


PLAN Institute for Caring Citizenship

PLAN – Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network



Phone number:  (604) 439-9566

Fax:  (604)439-7001


                 260-3665 Kingsway,

                 Vancouver, B.C.  V5R 5W2





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