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August 12, 2013

Work Challenges and Blessings….

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This past year at work has been incredibly challenging.  Working as a specialized Educational Assistant, its not been the students that I work for.  Like mostly everyone else, it’s been mostly Administration.  No surprise to hear. It has not helped that this was mixed with personal issues at home with my daughter.

However!  Upon tossing around quiety that perhaps its time that I find other work elsewhere, I was suddenly bestowed with a gift on the last day of school. The gift was given from a girl that I worked with in semester two who has an intellectual disability along with many other challenges/labels.  

Her gift was an unexpected letter (typed exactly as written):

Thank You

“Thank you C’hele for helping me with stuff and thank you for supporting things for me.  Everyday you always make me laugh and everyday I make you laugh.  You are very creative and your writing is very beautiful and you taught me to be creative just like you. And Thank You for helping me with my booklet and I really appreciate you helping me. I hope I work with you next year because your really nice. I hope I see you next year have a great summer.

From *****

P.S. If you’re reading this I want to tell you that because I’m writing that is because I really like you as a teacher you’re a really good teacher is because you help me alot to things I diden’t know and I really appreciate that from you.  Thank You C’hele for helping me this year see you next year.


The Universe has spoken. And who am I to question it? *Sigh*. Jeezus, everytime I read this it brings tears to my eyes.

It is, what it is.

My kids need me as much as I need them, the Universe Bless Them.

Administration?  Whatever. I’m there for my kids not them.


“Information’s pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience”. 

~Clarence Day~



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