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June 30, 2015


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“I dream of a love so great that it transcends sexual love” I don’t remember where or who wrote this quote, but upon reading it, it has never left me. What would a love like this really look like? Is the human race even capable of comprehending such an idea let alone practise it? I don’t think so. In the year 2015, the human race has yet to scaffold and evolve to such an enlightened idea. I bet the real reason we have yet to meet any real loving, evolved species in the universe is because we are truly unbalanced as a species. Unpredictable, two-faced and fearful amongst other things. The human race is special though. We are capable of such compassion, such sensitivity. Our emotions can be a curse or a blessing. But we have yet to find any real identity. Perhaps that’s why humans resort to religion. We are told we are sheep (implying that we are not intelligent and cannot think for ourselves) and that we must follow those who claim they are enlightened and are a medium to some higher power. If only humans would realize “they are the higher power.” Fear is what keep humanity from advancing. If we were taught how to balance our body, mind and soul I believe we could really attain this great love. I’m not implying that the human race should be celibate. To the contrary- but we need to find balance within our minds and body and that can only be done if someone or something, teaches us how to find balance cognitively and physically. I suspect this is where meditation can be the start of this quest. Logic is our foundation, controlled emotions is what drives us but common sense should eventually rule. There would have to be a colossal amount of inner work, co-operation and understanding with others, before the mental/emotional work can be accomplished. We all need to be on the same page first.

(Joking) It is no wonder that more intelligent and enlightened universal species stay away from us. All we seem to attract is the lizards/reptilian species (and the like) because in all reality? The law of science says like attracts like (??). Have no idea if David Icke is right, but if he is, we are in some big, serious trouble. I’d rather stick to the topic of humanity/enlightened beings because David Ickes theories creep the crap out of me. The human race needs to find its own power instead of seeking it elsewhere. Don’t know what others believe, but instead of being referred to as sheep in a flock, I’d rather be a wolf in a wolf pack. So, in the long run, I’ll keep dreaming of a love so great that it would transcend sexual love.

June 27, 2015

Divine Saviours

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Knowing looks
Some hidden, unexplainable vibe
Much work and cooperation can be done
Without a single word even uttered

Hand in hand the multi-tasking goes
And a group of them can be lethal
Nature is a best friend and nurturer
The wolf a guide and totem

Respect is to be given
Along with compassion
And in return you’ll find solace and love
Pushing will only ignite fury

To scorn is to invite wrath, maybe even death
For hell has not known such ferocity
So let the hair flow, let the wind cleanse her soul and spirit!
For the Goddess reflects all- “we are the worlds saviours.”


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The tornado of words swirl and attack
Fingers feel for the armour- its strong but still fragile.

The heart yearns for peace and serenity
The tornado however, becomes darker and more ominous

Give me strength my soul would cry!
But fate secretly decides to tease and play

There is no control.
Feeling the armour, it strains, it cracked ever so slightly

A warning of an impending and lethal breakage
A strike comes out from nowhere-

And pieces fall, showering the earth with broken dreams
A deep sleep then ensues,

Voices can be heard, but oh!
Let me remain in this deep and glorious sleep!!!

The foggy-ness covers me with a shroud….

Let me remain in the safety of the coma…..


June 26, 2015

The Mountains Call…

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Since my move into the Fraser Valley last September, I find myself in awe of the mountains that surround my new house. I have a killer view from my back yard of a lake. Forget the lake, I find myself always facing the mountains so I can gaze at the soft curves and folds they present- 360 degrees around my home. It’s quiet, but it used to be quieter in past times. Flocks of people come to visit in the summer to stay the local campsites and holiday trailer parks to escape the suburban life. I don’t like that very much. I like it quiet, dead quiet. It’s what I miss most when I used to live up Sunshine Coast what seemed eons ago. I was surprised at the amount of deciduous trees that share the blanket of cedars and fir trees along these majestic peaks. You don’t really notice them until fall. Then the lush, varied shades of green turn golden, reddish hues. I love the downtown life and the energy that the city brings. Suburban life is so lustreless and down-right numbing and I am so glad to be away from it. I have come to realize how very busy I have been since I moved into the valley. My mind and soul has been possessed by so much undesirable energy and exhaustion. I have forgotten how to embrace solitude. I am off work for the summer now. But slowing down is a figment of my imagination. Or is it, that I must reconnect and open my soul and spirit to the healing that only nature and solitude can bring? Yes. However, I have miserably forgotten how to walk this path.

Every summer, I try to read “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It’s a delightfully easy read that speaks directly to a woman’s heart. Men too, can learn from the wisdom she presents. In it, she talks about the crazy obligations that we/she face(s) and how to find ways to embrace solace and simplicity in life. Her wisdom addresses the craziness of life and how to separate loneliness from the healing that only solitude can bring. Lonely? No. Do I seek solace? Absolutely. So what is solace?

“The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone—that is the secret of invention: be alone, that is when ideas are born.” ~ Nikola Tesla

“Be a loner, that gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have Holy curiosity. Make your life worth living.” ~ Albert Einstein

The sun is setting now, it is dusk. The evening birds awaken, and voices retire in their private abodes. I sit here alone on my deck, staring at the wondrous, natural example of strength, beauty, and aloneness that surrounds me. A spark inside me ignites.

June 16, 2015

My Rant of the Day…

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I just read that a Preschool teacher raped a child. As an ECE Educator/SEA myself, this made me feel sick to my stomach. I believe the death penalty should be saved just for the pedophile’s and child murderer’s. Period. There is absolutely no excuse for killing innocence.

I believe religion divides ALL people. Not unites them. I’m sick of religious wars and I’m sick of fanaticism. The movie “Paul” even with its partial crudeness, depicts this kind of fanaticism perfectly. Humanity is regressing. Not progressing. And the guy with the most money wins.

Your Opinion…

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