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July 29, 2015

In Exactly 231 Words!

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She observed how beautifully her diamond ring glittered and shone in the rose ambient lit room. The room itself was beautiful. The wood utilized within the room proved grounding as it blended with smooth, glistening stone work. It’s like dining in the forest she thought. Delicate lace adorned opened windows, and they trembled as the breeze gently entered, kissing everyone within with a smooth touch. The sounds of a soft harp could be heard, faintly bussing the ears with grace. Looking at the handsome man sitting across from her she could not help wonder….is the silence a blessing in disguise so as to not mar the beauty surrounding her? Dressed elegantly, he was not. Not like her. Awkward looking book ends they appeared. Forlornly, she ate the savory dish before her and not a word was spoken as they ate. Dessert, then coffee, still not a sound was heard or spoken. How could there be so much beauty surrounding her and yet avoid her as she sat in this beautiful room? The room was humming softly of voices in various notes yet no intelligent, melodic words were spoken at her table. Searing pain, emanated from her soul. Unexpectedly, the energy of beauty exposed the stale, ashen colour of death that sat with her at the table. Beauty in all of its tender kindness, kissed her passionately that only Spirit can gift.


July 6, 2015

Poetry ~ A Soft Evening

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Trees speak softly
As they frolic gently with the wind
The deep tones of chimes call out
Wanting to perform along with nature

The moon above is playing hide and seek
But the evening clouds don’t care
A warm, late evening breeze caresses
Kissing a cheek in passing

Not a twinkling star can be seen
Nor a creature stirs or crawls
It is quiet save for the whispering trees
The earth for now gratefully meditates in silence.

July 1, 2015

Autism and the Vaccine Link, My Opinion

I think most of us know that autism is caused by a gene that is passed from father to child. It is not uncommon for mom to carry this gene as well, though it’s rare. What bothers me is that people seem to think that autism is solely caused by vaccinations. I don’t believe this to be true. From all my readings and my eleven years of working for these individuals, the autism gene needs to be “awakened” and this is where vaccines come in. It also can be awakened though environmental factors too. We all know that vaccines are detrimental to a person’s health. Vaccines filled with aluminum salts, formaldehyde and mercury. They use these toxic substances because these substances remain permanently in the body. So, what better way to make the vaccine formulas stay in the body?

Unfortunately, vaccines cause all sorts health problems (immune system problems etc.). As much as it protects a body from particular deadly viruses, it’s never a guarantee either. My daughter was not vaccinated till FIVE years old. And I had to do it. She only had one dosage to shut people up (like school nurses) and she never got any more throughout her school life because I don’t like them. Caela was diagnosed at FOUR years of age at Sunnyhill Hospital. Her autism was triggered through what I’m sure was stress and anoxia damage during birth. She came out a blue colour. I had an extremely difficult labour with her- so bad, that they could not perform an epidural because my muscles were too tight and the anesthesiologist could not get the needle though the vertebrae. Michaela was born suddenly when she didn’t want to come out. It was crazy.

I read an article about a study Japan did some years back. They told parents not to vaccinate their babies/children until they were ready for school (five years old). They saw the rate of autistic children being born drop. Hmmmmm?

I read that a baby’s immune system is not FULLY DEVELOPED until three months of age. It was not mandatory when my daughter was born but I believe that babies now as early as one to two months receive their first vaccination shot. It might be different in different areas. I asked my doctor, “Do babies have a different, lesser amount given to them compared to adults? NO, I was told.

So what the hell? Babies who possibly carry the autism gene receiving adult dosages of lethal vaccinations before their immune system is fully developed?

Common sense to me. Temple Grandin talks in her book “Thinking in Pictures, My Life with autism” that, “Research during the last ten years confirms that autism, PDD, and Asperger’s all have a strong genetic basis. Craig Newschaffe, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, estimates that 60-90% of autism cases are genetic.” Temple goes on to mention “Researchers also confirm previous studies that show that relatives of people with autism will often have many milder autistic-like symptoms.”

My daughter’s father used to tell me, “It’s all in your head! There is nothing wrong with her! She’s just like me!!!!!”

After much nagging from me for him to get tested, he finally did so after many years of fighting. He came out with a diagnosis of high functioning autism, ADHD and Dyslexia. I have met many women throughout my career who talk about their husbands being difficult regarding their children being diagnosed with autism. Then they started seeing the quirky behaviour and the like in their husbands.

There is no doubt in my mind that all these things I’ve mentioned above, play a part in creating an autistic child. God Love them.

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