"Autism & Memoirs of an Old Maid"…C'hele's Story

July 29, 2015

In Exactly 231 Words!

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She observed how beautifully her diamond ring glittered and shone in the rose ambient lit room. The room itself was beautiful. The wood utilized within the room proved grounding as it blended with smooth, glistening stone work. It’s like dining in the forest she thought. Delicate lace adorned opened windows, and they trembled as the breeze gently entered, kissing everyone within with a smooth touch. The sounds of a soft harp could be heard, faintly bussing the ears with grace. Looking at the handsome man sitting across from her she could not help wonder….is the silence a blessing in disguise so as to not mar the beauty surrounding her? Dressed elegantly, he was not. Not like her. Awkward looking book ends they appeared. Forlornly, she ate the savory dish before her and not a word was spoken as they ate. Dessert, then coffee, still not a sound was heard or spoken. How could there be so much beauty surrounding her and yet avoid her as she sat in this beautiful room? The room was humming softly of voices in various notes yet no intelligent, melodic words were spoken at her table. Searing pain, emanated from her soul. Unexpectedly, the energy of beauty exposed the stale, ashen colour of death that sat with her at the table. Beauty in all of its tender kindness, kissed her passionately that only Spirit can gift.


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