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January 20, 2016

To Pray or Not Pray

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Some people feel like they have to pray to the Divine.

All I have to do is step outside my door into nature-

And listen to Her.


January 19, 2016

The Meeting~ In 200 words

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Suspiciously, the grey haze glided across the lake with some unknown mission. With ease, it slid up the mountain breaking up into many large fragments. Here and there, it lingered across the mountain side, chilling everything in its path. Puttering about the yard, the grey haze suddenly veiled me with a cold, fragrant mist of purity. Standing upright, I raise my arm and slowly wave my hand. Up and down my hand did flow, caressing the floating liquid that shrouded me. I observe the fine, minutely glittering particles as they stingingly kissed me with moistness. Closing my eyes, I allow the vapour to soundlessly lick my face leaving me with scarlet love-bites. Looking up, no egg shell blue sky could be seen. Then, observing more closely, I watch millions of miniscule water droplets frenzily dance with each other in the air, existing for the moment. The grey mist grew evermore darker, evermore dense. Soaked, my grounded feet start to trod back towards the house. Ascending the stairs towards the porch, I turn to take one last look behind me at the thick, now dense cloud cloaking the land. Cold, wet and flushed, I silently give Thanks for the spiritual intercourse.

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