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March 18, 2017

Spring Break, day 5 (again)

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It’s Friday and it’s St. Patrick’s Day.  And I have no one to go out with.  Question: Do I have to or do I need to go out?  Absolutely not.  I’d rather go to Chapters and find a new book.  Since breaking up with Dan, I’ve remodeled the little suite I’m currently living in and I absolutely love it.  At the end of every day I cannot wait to go home and sit amongst my personalized comforts.  It’s cozy especially with a glass of wine and a book.

I sit here and observe my surroundings here at this university trades center.  Many of the students, mostly males are walking towards the cafeteria at their break. Looking around, I cannot believe how young these 19+ students look.  They are short, skinny and they look like around sixteen years of age.  I cannot help but eavesdrop lightly around me and I notice a small group of males sitting to my right.  I hear the word “consent.”  I can’t help but look towards them and they immediately look down as they shadily giggle.  I’m immediately not impressed with the negative vibe I’m receiving from them.  There is a girl who works somewhere in the administration offices here and show’s up at every lunch.  She is the typical bleach-blonde Barbie doll who always wears revealing clothes because she can.  Very cute, I can tell that she is high maintenance and she makes no pretenses that she is by the very way she carries herself.  She doesn’t bother to look to see if the men in the cafeteria are staring at her- she’s meant for much more powerful and rich men. Of course, I’m guessing.  But that what it looks like from the slight air of “grandness” that she eludes.  I can’t help but think that yes, she’s grand.  Grand enough for a patched biker to velcro her to a pole.

Enough! But I can’t help to “Meow and Hiss!!”  LOL.  Ohhhh I think.  If I had a sugar daddy too, how grand I would look as well.  Just not blonde.  I would become a luscious, untamable red head. Who am I kidding?  Born a redhead turned strawberry blonde turned dark blonde.  It’s innate though.  Luscious? Hardly. Don’t have enough money for that title. Untamable?  Well, I’m more like a mischievous pain in the ass whose primary goal in life is to have good ol’ fashioned fun.  A pain the ass my brother tells me.  He tells me his friends are scared of me. Huh??? You got to be kidding me. What’s this world coming to anyways when men can’t handle a strong, confident and independent woman who now and again prefers a glass of whiskey and water?

It’s only ten-thirty.  My daughter comes out from the kitchen with ice and a towel on the inside of her thumb.  One of the staff has called for a first-aid attendant.  She burnt the inside of her thumb.  I can’t help but sigh in exasperation.  Yesterday she cut the tip of her finger and burnt the other hand.  She needs to slow down.  Both chefs told me that she is being sent home. She will be fine, but she is unable to grasp items for today.  Monday she’ll be back to normal.

Maybe we will hit a pub and see what St. Paddy day preparations they have made and make sure to avoid the green beer (yuck)!


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