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November 12, 2017

The Power of Alone-ness

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The nip of frozen winter air bites,

I am not alone.

A frozen breath mushrooming like a cloud

Kisses my lips closed.

I know I’m not alone.

Silvery Birch trees silently await

For the gilded sun to again mate with their barren appendages—

I smile, lonely I am not.

Ice pops, seizuring under the strain of winter’s sting

Nay, I am not alone.

Finches dance with snowflakes in their desire to seek shelter

And I will continue to dance with the force that connects us all,

I am never alone.




The Arsehole

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My favourite colour is blue

But you never had a clue

It hurt me so much that you insulted me

——-whether alone or not

I yearned for that key to set me free.

You told me I was beautiful–

The best you’d ever had.

Yet you talked about past girlfriends,

So engrossed with regrets.

So sad.

My life became your life,

Something to control

After nine years, you’d think I would be your wife—-


Just another girlfriend I was you arsehole.

Then you started calling me your ex-wife’s name

——-by accident you said.

Since when did I take on that role?

The whiskey started enlightening me—–

We were fast becoming “that couple”

Two souls facing each other,

With no more shared goals.


Now became death in disguise.

You knew I wasn’t happy

You knew you caused me pain

You chose to be slaphappy instead

And tightened the chain.

If it wasn’t for my strength,

If it wasn’t for my free-will,

That 9-1-1 call

Forced me not to kill.

But above all——

I did everything but sit still.

I found and used the key to set me free.




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