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September 15, 2009


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Gazing into the evening sky
The silence overwhelms me.
Stars twinkle with tender energy
Reminding me that there is movement within the heavens.
And suddenly,
I am in awe of the of the power and majesty of it all.
The dazzling, twinkling stars
Are a reminder that like Yin and Yang,
That the dark firmament would languish without them.


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When you look at me like that,
I am no longer able to see you-


The Divine is staring me down-
Burning me with incredible intensity.


How is one able to survive with passion such as that?

Oh… my…God.

Burn me.

June 10, 2009


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My heart aches

For what I am unsure-

For deep within,

A knowing that no words could tell

Slowly awakens my mind.

The light in my eyes reflect

An illumination not mirrored in the other.

But upon eyes truly locking together

The heart leaps with recognition

That the mind in this life-time had forgotten.

Soul mates are never forgotten by the Spirit

And the unfortunate part is,

Sometimes those who have not experienced awareness

Miss the ability to see-

But sometimes- all it takes,

Is for that other person to pay just enough attention

To gaze at the glow in your eyes

In order to trigger their heart to remember.

And for that split second,

A life-time of memories of a love well-known,

Is again, reborn.

June 7, 2009


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It is brisk this early misty morning-

The cheeks tingle from the earths morning breath.

The surrounding forest gives light and colour despite the grey mists

Giving respite to the absent sun.

Closing my eyes and lifting my face

I surrender myself to the baptism of nature.

The kiss however,

Came somewhat of a surprise-

Unknown voluptuous lips as soft as flower petals

Made intentional, tender contact,

And the caress of that kiss

Lingered like fire upon my lips.

As our lips sensually parted I observed,

That the breath between us

Was as cool and moist as the very air around us,

Leaving my lips swollen and wet,

And yearning for more.

I opened my eyes and looked about

But the figure was no more.

Just then, the sun manifested and the forest was light up with golden light.

I reached up and touched my lips with my fingertips for they were still burning.

I knew I would never be the same again nor would I look at my life the same way again.

Because no man on earth, could ever compete with a God.


June 4, 2009


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Hearts sometimes collide the minute unfamiliar eyes meet

And whilst the invisible vibe burns between two unacquainted people,

The longing to touch, pains my fingertips.

 Turning my face to avoid the powerful gaze day after day

I secretly long to drown within those sea-blue depths.


Discernable common sense reminds me of our dissimilar stations in life.


Allow me keep to my fantasy going-

That your inner beauty is just as profound as your outer beauty.

I am the faithful type you know.

I have made pledge to the universe long ago-

That I wouldn’t settle for anything less

Than an authentic, modest soul.

My love would never expect anything more.









June 2, 2009

The Yogic Journey

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My body, mind, and spirit is on a new journey

And like the spirit, it is being tested often.



Let it be.

Let it go.

Sit and be still.

And listen.

The past is gone,

The future has yet to be,

There is only the present.


I am aware that there is a new meaning to the phrase:

“Go with the flow.”

I will accept things as they are,

I will not refute the obvious,

I will allow myself to grow,

I will move supplely like water.


Whilst on this yogic journey,

If only I could bend like a pretzel.


May 11, 2009


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No redeemer here on earth can save you now.

Illusions are so abundant,

Creating numerous blinds to the eye.

My friend: You are all alone in this fight.

And so.

Understanding this, I must save myself-

The burden is just too great.

As I suffer from a slow and agonizing spiritual death,

I endeavour alone to resurrect both my soul and spirit.

Therefore, I will endure to learn and reveal to myself, what truly exists

And consequently, voluntarily extract myself from this reality,

To depart like so many others before me.

Like a hermit, a monk or a nun.

And so.

I have become the weary hermit trudging forward,

Forgiving every pebble that finds its way into my shoes

Because really, there are no pebbles.

And upon establishing my retreat,

Nestled in some remote and moody nature paradise,

Will the answers slowly come.

Mother Nature it seems has her own illusions.

And within the stillness and silence,

Will the breezes start to whisper truths to ears ready to hear.

Know this:

Hell, my friend, is no-where but right here on earth.

And so.

I find peace and simplicity within Mother Natures space-

For she is both a portal and a reflection of something much greater-

Something vastly and more divinely beautiful than herself.

That knowledge in itself, is enlightening.


April 21, 2009

Haiku Poetry

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The evening sleeps


Only whispers from moth wings


Can tell real secrets.

April 8, 2009

Haiku Poetry

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A lone night bird sings

Fawning the pending twilight

There is no contest.

April 7, 2009

The Revelation

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I love you.

And with each passing day, the love in the very core of my being becomes greater.

And if, or when, my heart should feel the wounding pangs of solitude when we are apart,

The universe will suddenly become a witness-

And feel comforted with the decision that it was right that we should meet.

Sages preach that there are no such things as coincidences in life

That every person we encounter on our paths has something to teach us.

I have learned that true love knows nothing of arrogance or pride.

Alas, I can only speak for myself.

But oh, looking back-

How I have grown from your presence in such a brief time!

Desiring to change all the negatives into positives,

One bumpy stepping stone at a time,

You will always find me lingering,

Standing here or there-

And with my hands stretched outwards- always towards you,

I will wait for the strong fingers to brush the palms,

Creating that exhilarating tingle that runs up my arms from your caress

And together with hands tightly clasped,

Let the light of our love illuminate the way-

As we turn and point towards the direction we will go…

As one




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