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September 25, 2010

General Things on My Mind….

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1. School is currently a living hell. It’s been fourteen days since the first day of school and I am absolutely exhausted already. My feet have literally been hurting when I come home and all I want to do when I’m home is go to bed. For the first week, I came home and did some yoga thinking that it will help work out the stress in my body. Wrong. I suppose that the stress is worse than I originally thought because after that first week I ended up pulling muscles. I’ll be looking for a new school to work at. The resource room I’m currently working in, is too large and employed with staff who’s mentality is “each man to themself”. Working with a team approach is definitely unheard of. I dont do games, back-stabbing and sabbotague. I can honestly say that I’m done. Too many of these programs are anything but “child or student centred”.

2. I attempted to make an appointment with a chiropractor that specializes in sports related injuries. He’s excellent from what I heard so I made a phone call on my lunch hour one day last week. The stress my body is currently undergoing, is literally pulling my spine and neck out of alignment. I’ve had to stop doing yoga for the time being until I see the specialist. After discovering that it would cost me $268.00 on the first visit and that I would be unable to claim it on my medical insurance/extended health I was extremely disappointed not to mention disgusted. I would also have to pay an extra fee of $30 after each visit not covered under my medical as well. They also close at 5:30. I don’t get off work until 3:30 and the first appointment is an hour and a half. It would also take me an hour to get there from where I work. *Sigh*. I am so frustrated. I’m just going to have to hunt for another sports related chiropractor that works evenings and weekends.

3. My daughter is absolutely crazy about her new school. What a switch! she comes home everyday with a smile on her face and has funny stories to tell me when I come home. The teacher took all the kids in the resource room bowling yesterday as a special end of the week treat. They diden’t go to just any bowling lane either. He took them to a lane where the place was lit up in laser lights! Everyone had a blast.

To all parents with autistic kids take note: This is a prime example of the parent that talks the loudest gets heard first! Take notes and have your facts ready before you do battle and request your child be placed in another program. Be diplomatic and professional and you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish. Stressful, yes. But so worth it when you see your child smile with contentment and happiness in the end.

4. My Finnish language lessons are fabulous. My teacher is born and raised in Helsinki, Finland and has his master’s degree in linguistics. Obviously, he speaks many languages. “Hyvaa iltaa” (meaning good evening) was the first thing he said. Then he introduced himself and said, “Finnish is different, not difficult (but very democratic)! and I couldn’t agree more. In two classes I have learned so much already and I have so much yet to study (obviously). My mom is loving it. Mom speaks with a more formal tongue and she looks forward to photocopies of all my notes and handouts for updates. I dont think I would be this far ahead already without her. Today both mom and I will head to Chapters to order Finnish Dictionaries that the teacher recommends. We will also order instructional tapes to listen to when we’re at home. Both of us are very excited.

5. My boyfriend is now riding around on his Harley. He passed his learners driver test so now its legal for him to get out on the road to practice. I have to admit…..it looks fun.

6. Normally I always look forward to the change of seasons but somehow, I wish summer was around for at least another month. I feel like I never really got to enjoy this past summer it went so fast. Maybey thats my clue to go to the Carribbean for Christmas (I wish!).

7. I picked up a book on my boyfriends coffee table the other day. It’s called “The Good Old Days- They Were Terrible!” by Otto L. Bettmann. First published in 1974, its a book that covers the years from the end of the Civil War to the early 1900’s. The book gives an entirely different picture of the so-called gay, care-free Guilded Age of America. Eleven chapters covers a realistic approach to the air pollution, child poverty, crime, unemployment, corruption, neglect for the aged and disabled of those days and more. Umn, needless to say the book is informative of what that era was like but incredibly depressing. I thought things are shitty now- however, I would not trade era’s for the life of me. Interesting book.

8. I have to go and eat before I pass out. Have a great weekend everyone!


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