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September 6, 2010

Next On The Agenda!

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Looks like my wanting to drive around in a Vespa is dead in the water. I went to write my learners and I cannot explain for the life of me, how stupidly ridiculous the test was. Of course I failed the test. I can honestly say that I gave it my all. After skipping many of the questions (your allowed to skip questions three times before you must answer), I had finally had enough. I had studied the motorcycle booklet inside and out- I was ready to pass the test with confidence. However upon reading the questions which were mostly scenario’s, I realized that they could only be answered by a person who has had experience bootin around riding on a motorcycle. I have never riden a bike so I had no idea how to answer the questions! After attempting to correctly answer some of the questions, I finally had had enough. I arrived at the motor vehicle branch at noon and upon walking towards the computer to do my test, I should have clued in that the test was going to be a duzy when the clerk told me that I had until 4:30 to complete the test. What a freaking joke. After I was finished, I went to the clerk and informed her what I thought of the test. “Everyone fails the first time, dont let it discourage you”, she informed me. “Well, you tell your boss that this is the first and last time I will do this. It’s nothing but a money-grab as far as I’m concerned”, I retorted. I refuse to give those idiots another $20 to do a test.

Everyone who knew I did the test felt bad for me except for me. I had studied really hard for that test and knew that booklet inside and out. I gave it my best shot. Many may not agree with me, but based on principle I will not re-do the test and give them more of my hard earned cash because truly? That whole experience was a joke.

In the long run, I saved approximately $900 for the motorcyle lessons, the final road test fee and the learners fee’s. With a smile on my face, I can now put that money towards something much more meaningful for me: my yoga teacher certification course in January.


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