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May 14, 2007

In Fifty Words…”Text Messages”

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At 07:30 today she received a text message that said: “Good morning, call me on your lunch, have a good day.” However she has been sick and home for two days now, but a smile still escapes despite the sudden pain in her forehead. She must be well by tomorrow!



In Fifty Words…”Flirting and Fireworks”

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Polished boots, pressed clothes and hair is newly cut. As he walks out the front door, he gives her a “knowing” glance when a friend of his approaches him. She smiles back a “knowing smile” as he engages in quick conversation then leaves to join her. The fireworks are amazing.


In Fifty Words…”Elation”

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After a rather sedated day, it was late in the evening before she discovered her answer to her secreted letter. A replied note stated: “ You know, since I first seen you I was attracted to you and thought about asking you out….” Grinning with great joy, she smiled elatedly!


In Fifty Words…”The Pending Arrival”

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With excitement and a little fear, she awaits for him to discover it. He does not know that she secretly sent him a message, unbeknownst to the others. For a long time she has waited for this opportunity. Will he answer? Will disappoint her? Only destiny can reveal the answers.


In Fifty Words…”Survival”

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Like a seed that has fallen through the cracks, it trusts in the Universe for it’s survival. It’s vulnerability exposed to the world, it’s DNA knows what the mission is. As it develops and breaks through the cement, revealing the strength and beauty of the flower within, it remains true.

by C’hele

In Fifty Words…”The Garden”

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Delicate feet came to rest upon moist earth. Sweeping back her long, thick, golden-brown hair with a graceful toss of her hand, she glided coyly around the Tree of Knowledge. Embracing the tree as if it were a part of her, she faced her “other” rival with a shrewd smile.

by C’hele

In Fifty Words…

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This sanctuary of stone tells many stories. Located in a land of rolling green knolls, it is very ancient. It is cold here, but my mantle offers me protection. Standing high above the land, I turn my face into the wind and all my fears dissolve within it. Sweet peace.

(by C’hele)

In Fifty Words…”Home”

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She stood on the rivers edge and inhaled deeply the familiar scent of earth and clay known only to this region. Closing her eyes, she succumbed to the feelings of familiarity and comfort that only this special place could provide. If only she thought, she could afford to move back.


In Fifty Words….”My Eyes”

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My eyes, green-blue in colour are seldom ever mistaken. Within them holds a vast capacity of emotion and I have been told at times that they can be unnerving. When my soul is joyous, they become very green. When my soul is sad or ill, they become very, very blue.


In Fifty Words…”The Breath”

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The lady was silent as she lay on the ground, blindfolded. Conscious of grass and the scent of earth beneath her cool flesh, she was determined to learn how to trust again. As nature sung her enticing songs and lost in the moment, she suddenly felt breath upon her lips.


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