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January 30, 2008

Autism: Kids Shoudint be mean. By Michaela.

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O.k.  I wasn’t going to post another of my daughter’s writing. But this is so cute, I couldn’t help myself. I also promise not to make a habit out of it and bore the heck out of you all, lol.  It’s just that I am so thrilled that she is taking seriously to writing down the things that “pop” into her head.  Enclosed is a cute little essay about other kids, meaness, and autism.

So here it is:

Kids Shoudint be mean

hi im Michaela.  rite now I am going to tell you about a problem in my holle school?  My classmates are geting made

fun of by the other kids in the school.  when I her kid’s call me and my classmates mentall or Losers or werd it

 mack’s me sad.  It gets me sow sad that I gust want to cry! 😦  I said to mom I am mentall I am going to tell them

this?  me an my classmates are not mentall we are not Losers or werd we are atisteck!  atisteck kid’s are not

mentall thay all wan’t to be normall just like you but thay can’t becase thay born like this and thay are going to have

to live with it for the rest of ther life! I thinck thay are atisteck because thay have bin givn a gift to do somthing graet

 that some normale kids can’t do  let me point out one thing!  the richist man in the world is atisteck.  know do you

thinck atisteck kid’s are mentall?  that I can’t ansir for you  only you can ansir that?  I feel sorey for my classmates

because kids are calling them mentall and werd and lorsers.  the kids now are calling them names are macking a foll

of themsellf!  if you are wandering why a 12 year old kid rote this is because I am atisteck and I understand but!  I am

only a little bit atisteck not fulley!  I wish kids worint so mean like this but we are going to. rememeber one thing the

richist man is atisteck!  are atisteck kid dum know?  thinck about it!  that is all I have to say is thinck about it!


January 24, 2008

Autism: “Evrey one Shood have a good hart.” By Michaela.

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(A Poem)

Evrey one Shood have a good hart.

If every one had a good hart this world wodint be so mest up. If every one wode be pecfoul, have a good hart, not being mean, not being sellfish and not being so croul! Whiy cant every one be cind and caring and happy and not be so stouped!

But one day! but one day! one day! the world can can? the world will change to be as peacfall Just like Dallehy lama But! we have to worck on it becase as longe thers wars the world wount be fecefall. Thinck about it!

By: Michaela

January 2008


My daughter surprised me with this “poem” two days ago. Upon asking if her class worked on a poem that day, she informed me that they didn’t but she “suddenly” felt like writing this poem during her lunch hour.

This is quite something. My daughter does not give up her lunch hour for “anything.”

When I asked her why she decided to write this, she told me that the problems she is currently encountering with her peers at school, inspired her to write this. Unbeknownst to me, her resource room (a class of 10), is experiencing a lot of discrimination by many of their “typical” grade 7 peers. The resource room children have been having to deal with the humiliation of name calling such as: “retards, freaks, and mentals.”

“So what inspired you to actually write this with the Dalai Lama’s name written within the poem?” I asked. “Because I remembered mom, you telling me that the Dalai Lama does not believe in violence. I remembered mom. I wanted to hit a boy real bad who called me mental.” “I bet the Dalai Lama would of walked away like I did hey mom?”

I could not help but smile to myself. Yeah, I thought. If anyone, ANYONE would know what it is to walk away from something, it would have been His Holiness.

Words of wisdom from the heart of a twelve year old autistic girl- I just could not help myself from sharing this with the world.


January 7, 2008

One Glorious Winter’s Day At The Beach~

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cb-the-beach.jpg cb-the-sun-break.jpg

It was a cold and very blustery day…


 An Eagle visited in the tree above me…as did the remnances of his previous meal…….(*gross!*)


The surf was restless as was the grasses on the beach…


 My daughter walking on the left and myself posing on the right. I look like crap, but I didn’t care at the time.

Due to the high winds and extreme cold, we lasted only 45 minutes on the trails.  But, it was heaven on earth while it lasted.

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